What are My Guitar Show profiles?

My Guitar Show Profiles are packages including specific software features and services connected to the Store and to the online Social area. You can also think of Profiles as Passes allowing you to access specific features and areas. When you first register, you will be assigned the Basic Profile (free and with certain limited software features) which you may keep or change at any time by purchasing a new Profile. 



Discover the Profile which suits you best in the Membership section.

Am I required to have a My Guitar Show Profile?

Yes, the (free) Basic Profile is automatically assigned to every new user.



If you wish, you will be able to purchase a new Profile whenever you want. After purchasing your new Profile, your account will switch status and will acquire the special benefits and features of the new Profile.

Go to the Membership page to discover all the Profiles and choose the one that fits you best.

Can I change my profile whenever I want?

Yes, you can change Profile at any time. The features and benefits of each Profile cannot be combined. Only one Profile can be linked to your account. By activating a new Profile, the conditions linked to it will be activated and they will replace those relating to  the previous profile, which will be canceled.

How many profiles can I choose from?

My Guitar Show has created for you 5 Profiles: Basic (Free Profile), Premium, Flat 72, Flat 204 (Pro Profiles) and Star (Premium Profile Upgrade). Discover them all in the Membership page and choose the one that best fits your goals.

How can I purchase a My Guitar Show profile?

Puchasing a new Profile is really easy.

Once you have logged in to your profile, go to the Membership page, choose the Profile which fits you best, add it to your basket as you would do for a normal purchase and complete the transaction.








When the purchase is completed, you will receive a confirmation email and you will immediately see your new Profile status as active in your My Page.












The new Profile will automatically activate the features of the software and of the relevant online services (e.g. reductions on the online price list, software upgrade to Pro etc.)

Enjoy it!

How can I cancel my profile?

You may not personally cancel your Profile as your purchases and activated contents are associated to it.

If you do not wish to use My Guitar Show services any longer, you may request the deletion of your account at any time by writing to the address

PLEASE NOTE that once your account has been deleted, the procedure cannot be undone: your account will be permanently  cancelled from our database (together with your connected profile) and it may not be reactivated unless a new user registration is made. After the deletion of your account, you will retain all purchased content (which you may continue to use offline)  but you will not be able to use the Download Manager to manage them, as you will not be able to log in to the software. In addition, you will not be able to use online services: by deleting your account you will also delete the Profile connected to it, you will no longer be able to sign in to My Guitar Show website, make purchases from the Store, use vouchers and Gift Card credits, use promotions, download gifts, upload your recordings on the Social page and interact with other users (as you will no longer have access to the website as registered user). You will only be able to access the website as a visitor.

If you no longer wish to use My Guitar Show do not request the deletion  of your Profile.



I cannot install My Guitar Show software.

Here are the guidelines to install the software on your Pc:

1. Download the file in .zip format from the Download page

2. Extract the Setup (just click two times on it) and proceed with the installation

3. Follow the instructions of the guided procedure and complete the software installation

The program icon will be immediatley visible among the Installed Programs. Click on My Guitar Show icon to launch the software.






If you need help give us a call, we will be happy to help you.


What computer type does "My Guitar Show" run on?

My Guitar Show is optimised to be used on the majority of computers.

For the best result with the audio recordings of your songs we suggest that you use an external sound card, so that the latency (delay) between your instrument and its sound output by the system cannot be perceived. In technical terms, make sure that the computer has the following requirements.

Suggested system requirement on Mac:

Operating System: OS X10.10 or later versions

Processor: Intel Core Duo or superior

RAM: 1Gb

Video resolution: 1440 x 900

Space on disc for the installation: 200 Mb

Where can I download My Guitar Show free software?

Go to the Download page to download the free software.


What is My Guitar Show Store?

On My Guitar Show Store you can purchase digital contents (Songs and Collections), physical products (Basic Guitar Lessons), Gift Cards and Profiles.

What are my payment options?

My guitar Show uses the PayPal payment system. You can pay through this platform by using the main credit cards, such as Visa or Mastercard, or through a PayPal account, if you own one.

You can also purchase My Guitar Show Gift Cards. These Cards are available in different amounts which will be credited on your My Guitar Show Profile (you can either give them as gifts once purchased or send them to your own email) By purchasing a Gift Card you will be immediately entitled to a credit to be used in the Store, to purchase items in total safety, quickly and comfortably.

What are My Guitar Show Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are prepaid cards you can use to purchase items easily and safely in My Guitar Show Store.

Each gift card is associated to an activation code which makes the purchased credit immediately available. You will be able to check your credit balance whenever you want on your Personal Profile page.

Gift cards are available in amount of € 15, € 25, € 50, € 100 and € 150. 

When you purchase a Gift Card you can give it as  a gift to anyone simply by emailing it, or send it to yourself and use it with your Profile.

An email like this will be sent: 

containing a personal message and the code to activate your Gift Card.




How can I activate a Gift Card or a promotional code? I have a My Guitar Show profile.

Here is the procedure to be followed to activate My Guitar Show promotional codes and Gift Cards:

  • login and access your Personal Profile page by clicking on "Your profile is…"

  • enter the Gift code you will find in the email in the field Enter Code (or enter a bonus code)

click on Confirm to activate it. 


A Pop up with your credit details will appear. You will always be able to see them on your Profile page.

From now on you will be able to purchase the Store contents using this credit automatically.

How can I activate a Gift Card? I do not have a My Guitar Show profile.

Acccess My Guitar Show website and create your account with the full or quick registration procedure. Check your inbox, click on the link to confirm your registration and login. 

Once you have logged in go to your Personal profile page, enter the code to activate your Gift Card in the field Enter Code and click Confirm. 

Finally, go to the Store and select the items you want to buy with your credit. 

How can I search for songs quickly or set search criteria in the Store?

In the Songs section you will see the field Search criteria. Next to this field , using the drop down menu, you can set the criteria to search for a song: by artist, by genre, by level.

Next to these menus you will also find a search box where you can enter directly the title of the song or the name of the artist your are looking for. 

I have purchased a song but I don't know how to download it.

Use the Download Manager inside My guitar Show Software to authorise or remove one or all the available contents. Available authorisations are shown for each content.

Watch the video on the use of the Download Manager in the Video Tutorial section. 

Please note that to access the software you need to login.

For further information please refer to page 10 of the software guide.

I have purchased a song but I don't know which program starts it.

In order to launch the digital contents (songs, lessons) the software My Guitar Show needs to be installed on the computer.

Go to the Download page of the website and download it now for free. 

Please note that to access the software, after downloading it, you will need to login. If you haven't logged in yet, you will have to sign up with the full or quick registation procedure.

Where do I find the songs purchased and how can I download them?

All purchased contents ready for download are displayed in the Download Manger of the Software.

Watch the video on how to use the Download Manager in the Video Tutorial section. 

For further information please refer to page 10 of the software guide.

I have a VAT number and I wish to receive an invoice for my digital purchases.

If you have a VAT number and you wish to request an invoice for your digital purchases, send an email to by the last day of the month* of the purchase attaching the purchase receipts.

Also include:

  • date and order number,
  • VAT number
  • billing address

* e.g., for a purchase made on May 15, send the purchase receipt by May 30.

How can I download my free song?

After confirming your registration, enter My Guitar Show Store and choose the song you want to download for free, add it to the basket by clicking on the button +.

Click on the Checkout button at the top right and complete the procedure as you would do for a normal purchase by clicking on the button Proceed. 

The song will be automatically available in the software. You will only need to open the Downoad Manager and install it.

I do not have a Paypal account. How can I purchase using a credit card?

After adding your products to the cart, click Checkout. Check your items and the delivery details and click on Proceed. You will be re-addressed onto the PayPal website. On the PayPal page, choose the option.

Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or pre-paid card. 

Enter your data and click on Continue to proceed with the payment.

How can I pay with a Gift Card?

After purchasing a Gift Card and activating it, you will be entitled to a credit you can use for your purchases. Your credit will always be shown in your Profile. 

At each purchase, the paid amount will be automatically deducted from the remaining credit.

In the Profile page you will be able to check the updated available credit anytime you want.


What is My Guitar Show Community?

My Guitar Show Community is conceived for guitarists and  true guitar lovers.

In my Guitar Show Community you can share and compare with other users ideas, opinions, experiences and pictures but mostly your music.

Here is what you can do:

• Upload your audio recordings from My Guitar Show software with a click

• Create a gallery of your guitar images and tell their stories

• Listen to the tracks of other guitarists and of the players who created their own versions of My Guitar Show songs or of their solos.

• Upload the audio recordings of your versions and share them on Facebook or via email with anyone you want.

• Show your world to those who know how to appreciate it, ask for opinions, send emails to anyone you want to contact and create real relationships with real people.

Leave traces of your talent: with My guitar Show you can.

What is My Page?

My Page is the personal page of the registered users of My Guitar Show Community and it is only visible to the user who uploads on it and modifies the contents displayed on the Community Page.

In their My Page, users can, for example:

• write a brief personal presentation, including an identification image

• publish their recordings made with My Guitar Show Software

• cancel uploaded songs

• write a presentation of uploaded songs

• publish the list of purchases made in My Guitar Show Store

• publish photos of their guitars and much more!

What can a user do when logged in?

By accessing your My Page after logging in to the website, you will be able to personalise it with a presentation and a picture, to upload the images of your guitars and your recordings, to look for other users' songs, comment on them and vote them, to choose your favorites, send private messages and report any abuse.

What can a user do without logging in?

Users who do not login to the website can see the Pages of other users, search for songs and listen to them. They cannot interact by sending private messages, voting, commenting on the songs of other users nor can they upload their songs and the photos of their guitars.

How can I create a page in the Community?

The personal page in the Community (My Page) is automatically activated upon registration (that is, creating an account associated to a Basic Profile), while accepting the terms and conditions for the use of the website services and of the Community.

How many pages can I associate with my account in the Community?

Only one page linked with an account can be created.

How can I disable my Community page?

You can disable your page by selecting the field NO in the Community Registration area on your Profile page (Store/Profile).If you select NO, your Profile will no longer be visible to other users, and you will not  be able to vote and comment on the songs of other users, choose your favorites, send private messages and report any abuse.

You can always make your Social page public again whenever you wish, simply selecting YES inside your personal Profile.

How can I personalise my Community Page?

After logging in, open your My Page. From here, you will be able to personalise your page. Personal Profile Area.









Click on the button "+" to:

  • write a short presentation/description
  • upload an image for your personal profile (click on "Choose file" to upload the
  • image from your computer and then on "Update" to save)

Area My guitars

  • Click on the button "Change" to publish the photos of your guitars (click on "Add" to enter the model, write a description of the guitar and upload the image from your computer
  • Choose file. Finally, click on "Update" to save).

To eliminate or modify  an image, click on the cogwheel which appears on every image.

To add a new image, click on "add" My tracks area In this area you can cancel, share and comment on your uploads.

How and why can I report an abuse?

When a user publishes a content, a comment or an image non compliant with My Guitar Show Community terms and conditions of use, you can click on Report Abuse (which is under every comment).

This action will generate a report which will be notified to the system administrator.


My Guitar Show : Company Info

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