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While using the services relating to the website (hereinafter referred to as the "services" or the "service"), the reader must comply with the terms and conditions of use specified below. The registered trademark My Guitar Show is property of Mussida Muisc Publshing S.r.l., with registered office in Via Elio Reguzzoni 15, 20125 Milan, Italy, Tax code and VAT number 05345880966, registered with the Companies' Register of Milan.
"My Guitar Show" system consists of:
  • a specific application software: My Guitar Show
  • a website: with promotional features, on-line store for associated products, social area.
The application and the website refer to the same filing system, hereinafter referred as “DB”.
The registration is the act by which a website visitor or a person who uses the application becomes a user (also called account) to all intents and purposes. The user is univocally identified by username and password.
Users are never cancelled by the DB automatically, but only following their request.
All users are provided with a personal area where they can modify
  • their details,
  • their credit and the applicable terms of use (profile)
  • as well as the social area
The user's data are entered into the DB and a profile is manually or automatically assigned to the user.
The link between user and profile generates the policies concerning the website.
The profile is indeed responsible for:
  • discounts and/or promotions concerning the products in the online store
  • the use of different software features
  • the use of different social area features
  • the creation of messages and automatic email containing communications relating to the profile status (e.g. activation, time to expiration, expiration date), also for commercial purposes (e.g. expense amount still missing to reach the profile update or renewal threshold)
The system allows to assign special conditions of use to single users, or users selected accoding to certain criteria.
Each user is associated to a profile.

Upon completion of the first registration, users are automatically assigned the BASIC profile, which allows them to use the FREE software, unlimited in time but with limited functions.

The user may decide to keep the BASIC profile, or to purchase a new profile choosing among those offered and associated with the PRO sotware, with complete features.

Each profile is associated to specific application or website features and/or different privileges.These features give rise to conditions involving the delivery of notifications to the user.
Promotions and discounts which are not automatically scheduled in the definition of the profiles are governed by an alphanumeric code system similar to the one used in the Gift Card system. The codes are entered by the registered user in a specific section of the personal area.
The Social Area is a space inside the website composed of a personal page for the user and of pages to be used by the community.

Users may choose whether to join the community or not. In the latter case, they may access the community as visitors and will not be able to manage their My Page, upload online contents from My Guitar Show application and from the website, post comments and interact with other users.

Users may, through My Guitar Show application, publish songs or exercises and lesson contents publicly or privately.

Users who accept the terms and condition of My Guitar Show social network may perform the following actions in the Social Area:
  • Create their own My Page with a short personal file, including an identifcation icon/image
  • upload privately or publicly, through My Guitar Show application, their own version of the songs purchased from the store and realised with the same application
  • remove the songs uploaded
  • write a presentation of the songs uploaded
  • comment on the songs uploaded by other users
  • write private messages to other users using the social area internal message system
  • share the list of purchases made from My Guitar Show Store
  • publish the photos of their guitars
All materials published on the website, the website services and its contents are protected under Italian copyright law and under international copyright regulations. The user may not modify, publish, transmit, shae, assign for any reason the use of, reproduce (beyond the limits set out below), rework, distribute, execute, grant access to or commercially exploit in whatever manner the contents or services (including the software) of this website, even only in part. Users are individually liable for their published contents. The editor, the manager and the owner of the website, provided that they are unable to ensure a timely supervision on all online contens and shall not be held liable, still reserve the right to cancel, move, modify all contents which, according to their discretionary judgement, are abusive, defamatory, obscene or infringe copyright and which, in any case, are unacceptable for the editorial line of the website. The provisions set out in this article apply to any type of content produced by the user using the services made available by the website.
My Guitar Show is not responsible for the material used and/or the actions of users on the website. In addition, it shall not be held responsible for the transmission to the reader's processor of any viruses and of contents in any way harmful originated by third parties.Consequently, the user shall indemnify and hold harmless the webiste editor and manager, and all the persons who refer to them, against any liability and detrimental consequence, including, without exception, legal expenses defined based on the professional fee incurred by the website editor or manager as a result of legal actions arising from the breach by the readers of such obligations in relation to the misuse by them or by third parties of their account in breach of the warranties set out hereunder.
While registering a new account, the user must choose a username and a password. Moreover, the reader must provide specific informations which must be correct and updated. The user may not choose another person's username thus attempting to use his/her identity. Moreover, the user cannot use another person's username without his/her express authorisation. It is also forbidden to choose usernames which, according to the discretion of My Guitar Show, infringe the rights of third parties, or are in any case defamatory or vulgar. The password chosen by the user while registering for the services and entered in the relevant registration form is personal and cannot be transferred. The user shall keep it with the utmost care and shall not disclose it in order to prevent unauthorised third parties from using the service. Users will therefore be held liable for any use by unauthorised or authorised third parties of the above mentioned identification details as well as for any damage caused to the website owner, editor and/or third parties, arising from the failure to comply with the provisions above. The failure to comply with these provisions results in the breach of the general terms and conditions specified herein and may cause the immediate cancellation of the account of the person who committed the breach. In case of real or potential unauthorised use of the account, users are invited to report it to My Guitar Show, providing any detailed information regarding the breach and notifying the loss, unauthorised removal, theft, of their password and personal information. Users are fully liable for any action taken through their account, both directly and through authorised third persons. Any abusive, fraudulent or otherwise illegal use shall result in the immediate cancellation of the account, at the sole discretion of the website editor or manager, without prejudice to any legal action taken by the plaintiffs.
The user does not acquire any right in relation to the use of the software present in the website beyond the necessary use to enjoy the services. The user therefore may not grant right of use, assign or transfer licenses in relation to these softwares. The user may only download the free software and/or purchase the software for personal use, and he may not distribute, modify, rework or create derivative works based on, such software. All the details relating to My Guitar Show and My Guitar Show Pro software licenses are available upon installation.
Readers may request the cancellation of their account at any time by sending an email to the address After the deletion, users will receive an automatic email notifying them that the request has been received, and that the account will be deactivated in the following twenty four hours. it remains understood that users are responsible for the activity carried out through their account until the latter is effectively disabled. The editor and manager of the website may, at their discretion, cancel or temporarily suspend the access to the website and its services or to parts of it for any reasons, including, wihtout limitation, any breach of the provisions set out in the terms and conditions herein.
My Guitar Show invites the user to read carefully the general terms hereunder regulating the sale of My Guitar Show products and services (the "General Terms") before finalising any purchase and, once they have read them, to print them or save a digital copy. The General Terms regulates the remote purchase of products and services advertised on the website (the "Website"), owned by Mussida Muisc Publishing S.r.l. with registered office in via Elio Reguzzoni 15, 20125 Milan, Italy, tax code and VAT no. 05345880966, registered with the Companies' register of Milan. The products distributed by My Guitar Show through its Website consist, in particular, of software and music-learning products on different media and in different formats, physical and digital, such as, by way of example and not limited to, digital songs, Software, printed manuals, Gift Cards, etc. (the "Products"). My Guitar Show also offers certain services generally relating to the sale of Products (Profiles). All the Products and Services made available to the users are shown on the different pages of the Website. Terms and methods for the puchase of Products and/or Services offered by My Guitar Show through the website are included in this General Terms, supplemented, if the features of the selected Product or Service requires it, with specific provisions and technical instructions indicated each time on the Website. The offer of My Guitar Show Products and Services is aimed to both consumer and non consumer users. Consumer users ("Consumer/s") are any individuals purchasing the Products and/or Services presented on the website for purposes unrelated to their business activity in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 Spetember 2005 (the "Consumer Code"). For the purposes of the General Terms herein any individual who, upon registration, expressly selects in the personal details box the category "Companies, entities, professionals with VAT number", entering his/her own VAT number, shall not be deemed as a Consumer. If no express reference is made to the Consumers category, the provisions under the General Terms and Specific terms apply without distinction to all users purchasing Products and/or Services through the Website (the "Customers"). My Guitar Show may change, without any notice, the General Terms. Such changes will be effective from the day of their publication on the website. Purchase orders submitted to My Guitar Show before the publication of the above mentioned amendments shall be governed by the General Terms applicable at the time of execution of the sales agreement. General Terms are available in Italian language.
The publication on the Website of Products and/or Services represents an invite to users to formulate a purchase proposal to My Guitar Show. Each order sent by the Customer constitutes a contractual offer (the "Order") and a specific acceptance of the General Terms herein. Upon receipt of the Order, My Guitar Show automatically sends a confirmation e-mail to the Customer including the Order details and all details relating to the purchase, i.e. the type of Products and/or Services requested and the relevant costs, as well as the Customer's personal data and contact details and the link to be used by the Customer to track the Order. The Customer undertakes to check the exactness of the information and to notify My Guitar Show with any changes in a timely manner. The receipt of the e-mail confirms the Customer's acknowledgment and acceptance of the General Terms and of the Specific Terms. My Guitar Show reserves the right to accept or not accept the Orders received. In case of non-acceptance, the client may lay no claim or enforce no right for any reason whatsoever against My Guitar Show. Each Sales Contract shall be filed by My Guitar Show to an electronic system and may be consulted, if necessary, both by My Guitar Show staff and by third parties used by the latter for the fulfilment of the Sales Agreement.
The prices published on the homepage or in the different sections of the Website, relating to each single Product and/ or Service include V.A.T. and do not include taxes and duties applicable in the Country of destination of the Products and/or Services, in case the latter is not Italy. Such costs, different from Country to Country, shall be borne by the Customer who shall verify the amount with the competent customs authorities. The delivery costs, whose amount may vary based on the payment and delivery methods, shall be added to the price of each single Product/Service. The total amount due for the selected Products and/or Services will be clearly indicated and communicated to the Customer, before the execution of the Sales Agreement. The purchase of digital Products or of Products immediately downloadable from the Website, such as e-books and MP3s, does not involve any delivery cost. The Prices on the Website are subject to possible variations and/or amendments which may be made by My Guitar Show without any obligation to notify the Customer. Such increases may arise - among other reasons - from increases decided by My Guitar Show suppliers. In case of a Sales Agreement entered into before the publication of the above mentioned amendments, but still in course of execution, the prices in force at the moment the Order was received shall apply.
The payments to be made under the Sales Agreements may be made by credit card, PayPal, prepaid vouchers (Gift Cards) or by bank wire transfer. Upon placement of the Order, the Customer is required to choose the payment method. The purchase of Products immediately downloadable from the Website, such as digital products in general, may be made exclusively by paying through a Gift Card, Pay Pal or other payment method where expressly provided. The Paypal payment will be made through redirection to the Paypal website, where the transfer procedures of the amounts due to My Guitar Show may be completed. The financial details of the Client will be handled directly by PayPal.
Availability and delivery times may vary from the information shown on the Website. My Guitar Show does not undertake nor does it guarantee to comply fully with the delivery times shown on the Website and/or in the Order, nor shall it be deemed liable for any delays. To carry out properly the delivery of the ordered Products, the presence of the Customer, or of a person appointed by the Customer, is always required. If none of them is available at the time and place of delivery of the purchased Product, the courier will leave a notice of second delivery for the next working day and a phone number to arrange another date. The Order will be on hold at the courier's office and, should the delivery not be possible, after 14 days the Product will be sent back to My Guitar Show's warehouse. Once My Guitar Show has received the Product, the Customer Service will contact the Customer, who may decide whether to request a second delivery or a refund (net of delivery costs and of costs incurred to send the Order back to the sender). The relevant Sales Contract shall be thus deemed finally and automatically terminated, without prejudice to My Guitar Show's right to compensation for greater damages. In cases of force majeure, unavailability of transportations, unforseeable events, My Guitar Show reserves the right to terminate the Sales Agreement or to split, delay or cancel, in whole or in part, the scheduled delivery, if the above mentioned events cause a delay in the deliveries or make them difficult or impossible and/or cause a substantial increase of the costs to be borne by My Guitar Show. In such cases, My Guitar Show shall give timely notice of its decision by sending an email to the Client's email address. The latter, in such cases, shall be entitled to the refund of any amount paid, excluding any further claim or compensation, on whatever basis, against My Guitar Show.
Digital products
The Customer may not withdraw from Sales Agreements concerning Digital Products.
Physical products
Pursuant to articles 64 and following of the Consumer Code, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the purchase without any penalty and without specifying the cause. For this purpose, he shall send written notice to the Customer Service of My Guitar Show: or - alternatively - by fax or registered letter with return receipt, to be sent within 10 working days from receipt of the chosen Products and/or Services to the address: Mussida Music Publishing Srl, via Elio Reguzzoni 15, 20125 Milan, Italy.

The return of the Products subject to withdrawal shall be taken care of, and its costs shall be borne, by the Consumer, who shall send them by a courier of his/her choice to the following address: Mussida Music Publishing Srl, via Elio Reguzzoni 15, 20125 Milan, Italy.

To exercise the right to withdraw, the Consumer shall comply with the following conditions and terms: withdrawal may also apply to the single Products subject of a Sales Contract, it being understood that the Consumer may not exercise his right to withdraw in relation with a part of the single Product purchased.
All Products in relation to which the Consumer has exercised the right to withdraw shall be return in full and regular state of preservation, as well as their original parcel, complete in all their parts including packaging materials, any seals, and any ancillary documents; if the Product in relation to which the right to withdraw has been exercised is received by My Guitar Show damaged, the latter shall be exclusively required to notify the Consumer in order to allow him, if possible, to exercise his right to compensation against the courier chosen for the delivery of the products;
My Guitar Show shall not be held responsible in any case for damages, thefts of loss of the Products to be returned until the latter have been delivered back. Each risk shall be therefore exclusively borne by the Consumer.
Once verified the integrity of the returned Product, My Guitar Show shall reimburse to the Consumer the entire amount paid for the Products and/or the Services under the Sales Agreement from which he has withdrawn, by and no later than 30 days from reception of the products, including a flat rate of euro 7.50, not combinable, for delivery costs, if any. The refund will be made using the PayPal account details provided by the Consumer upon placement of the Order, or by wire transfer to the bank details provided by the Consumer.
In case of breach by the Consumer, in whole or in part, of the provisions regarding withdrawal from the General Terms set forth herein, the Sales Agreement will remain valid and effective and My Guitar Show will send back to the Consumer the Products improperly returned, and will charge the latter with the relevant delivery costs.
Should the Customer notice any discrepancy between the Products ordered and the ones received and, in particular, any problem concerning the physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the products received, the Customer shall timely notify My Guitar Show Customer Service. The latter will take care of providing the necessary instructions for the resolution of the problem and, if possible, will send the missing articles, substituting the defective item or reimbursing the Customer. Under no circumstances will the Customer be asked to return at his own expenses defective items of items received by mistake.
My guitar Show reserves the right to modify, add or cancel parts of these terms , notifying the interested persons by publishing the amendments on the website and by email. Each reader must verify periodically the terms herein to ascertain the presence of possible changes that may have occurred after their last visit on the website. The use of the website and of its services implies in any case the acceptance of the changes intervened in the meantime.
If the changes are not accepted, readers may request the final cancellation of their account at any time. It remains understood that the continued use of the services implies the acceptance of the new conditions.
My guitar Show reserves the right to modify, suspend, interrupt the services even in part, including the access to the database and contents. Moreover, it can introduce restriction to the access or to the use of services, in whole or in part, without notice and without being held liable for such limitation of service.
The services aavailable on the website are the following:
  • registration
  • newsletter
  • blog
  • content upload
  • online subscription
  • subscription management
  • purchase of digital and physical products
  • social network
All communications or any complaints against My Guitar Show can be addressed to the Customer Service of My Guitar Show by writing an email to Alternatively, the Customer may send a letter addressed to Mussida Music Publishing Srl, via Elio Reguzzoni 15, 20125 Milan, Italy.

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