Inside a song


Each song has its story, its sounds and its unique and unmistakable peculiarities. It is from these details that we start building every day the songs you love.

Each song is created with separate tracks, that you can enjoy listening to them one by one and recreating your personalised arrangements..

Each song is divided into three video parts howing you the correct position of the hands on the guitar..
Use the Slow motionfeature and discover how easy it is to play each chord, each passageand each note at your own tempo

Discover the story of your song, follow the tips to create your perfect sound and practise with all the chords in a sequence before facing the single parts. In each part you will also find explanations and technical advice to help you create your masterpiece.

Each section of the song is synchronised,with the original EGG (EasyGuitarGraph) notation system, as well as on video.
We devised it to help you play more easily note by note, even if you cannot read music.
It's simple. Start playing now!

My Guitar Show was born and produced in the studios of CPM Music Institute, which has been the benchmark for education in Italy for over 25 years.

Use My Guitar Show to build strong foundations for your will to play.

Study with purpose. Discover the lessons.

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20125 - Milano
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